Once again Matt impressed us with his customer service skills as well as his expert knowledge about his work.  That guy is the model for customer service and being professional. As someone that deals with performance evals and employee performance every day, I think Matt is an incredible asset to your company!

Eco-Clean has made a complicated process understandable for those of us that don't do this for a "day job".  - Fran


Matt was just at my place cleaning out a drain.  I wanted to tell you he did a very, very good job. Very clean, very professional. He did what he was supposed to do and did it well. Thank you very much! - David 

David ,

I called after 9 p.m. on January 22nd, 2015. Greg answered, offered service immediately,
booked January 23rd, and said Matt would call ahead. Next day, Matt called, came when
he said he would, and cleared pipes that a plumber couldn't do the whole
previous day. My husband identified the clog was 60' out and we thought we'd
be tearing up a four-year-old driveway to fix a broken pipe. Less than an hour
and a few hundred dollars later, YOU SAVED OUR WORLD!!!! The words "thank
you" sound insignificant. Please put this or a version of on your
testimonials and sign us up for the "Greg and Matt Fan Club"!!! - Marie and Keith Burgie

Very early the morning of December 10th, I found that my cellar was flooded. ​I'm deaf and can't use the phone so a friend called your office on my behalf. I regret not knowing the name of the person who answered your phone, but s/he helpfully explained the steps I needed to take and recommended Associated Pumping Service as my next contact. The pump-out started around 6:30 a.m. When the water was nearly gone, Matt arrived.

Matt cleared the drain. I'm grateful for that - of course I am - but more, I'm grateful to Matt for his calm and professional manner and his kindness during a very emotionally turbulent time. - Nancy Hayden