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What to Do if Your Sewer Pipes Burst

Any type of burst pipe can lead to a water leak, which can cause significant property damage to your home. However, water from a burst sewer line has the potential to cause even more harm. That’s because water from your septic system contains sewage, which can contaminate any surface it comes into contact with, such…
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Why Does My Toilet Fill So Slowly?

Slow-filling toilet tanks are a common problem for homeowners. While it’s not as problematic as an over-flowing or backed-up toilet, it can be annoying, especially if it sometimes requires flushing a second time for the water to completely return to the normal fill level. Here are some common sources of a slow-filling toilet, and tips…
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How Does Water Jetting Work?

One way to ensure that your plumbing system, drains, water lines and sewer lines function normally is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Otherwise, the grease, soap, minerals, food and other materials that regularly travel though your pipes will gradually build up and form deposits that could lead to a clog and potentially even cause a…
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Can I Install a Low-flow Toilet in an Older Home?

In 1992, the Energy Policy Act was signed into law in the U.S., making it mandatory for all new residential toilets to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. Previously, the standard for toilets was 3 gallons per flush. The change meant that homeowners were now using about half the amount of water previously…
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