Cold weather repair of frozen sewer line

les wilson and sons

frozen sewer line

les wilson and sons

cold weather repair

Cold weather repair of frozen sewer line. We had a call in Pine Point for a plugged sewer at a cottage. Mathew went out and tried to cable the line open only to find that the line was frozen. We televised the line and found the pipe was completely frozen and actually split the PVC open. Sewer lines usually don't break when they freeze like water lines. This line was 4' deep and frozen solid. After excavating and cutting a section out we found the line was frozen solid for 155' to the city drop connection at the city main. Later the homeowner admitted to letting the faucet drip so he could turn down the heat inside and not freeze is water line. They learned a big lesson today. Better to pay a little extra in heat cost than a lot extra to repair a broken and frozen sewer line.

Don't leave your faucets dripping in the winter. For three weeks straight we were thawing frozen sewer lines this year do to this old wise tale.

My boy with Legoland Plumber

Lego Plumber

My boy with Lego Plumber

My boy and I found this creative Lego plumber in the restroom at Legoland. I just had to take his picture in front of it.

Yes it’s their real hair!

IMG_0262 IMG_0264

Yes it's their real hair! Las Vegas couple has found a way to make money with their crazy Mohawks and travel the world. We encountered these two at the WWETT show hired by BioMicrobics to promote their product. I would say it worked. Everyone from the show will remember them. Keith and I had a chance to shoot pool after the show with them and they are truly great people. They have done events for Brittney Spears and Cher to name a few. Before each event they have a contracted airbrush artist transform their hair into billboards and works of art. Very creative way to make a living.

Old 1947 spartan sewer cleaning machine.

[caption id="attachment_2590" align="alignnone" width="150"] 1947 Spartan Sewer Machine[/caption]   This is an old 1947 spartan sewer cleaning machine. This is the machine my father and Uncle used to clean sewers back in the day. They started cleaning sewers in 1948! The crazy part is this machine really has not changed much. Today they have a…
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