Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services in Portland, Maine

  Portland is Maine’s largest city and is famous for picturesque waterfronts, rivers, and bays. This is why our team at EcoClean works hard to protect its sewer and drain systems. Our team at Ecoclean performs full service sewer and drain cleaning, inspecting, and repairing. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right,…
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Drain Cleaning in Kennebunk, Maine

  The town of Kennebunk, Maine, has sewer rules and regulations in place to protect and promote the overall general welfare and safety of its citizens. These rules prevent pollutants from entering Kennebunk’s sewer systems, protect publicly owned treatment works and personnel, and promote the reuse and recycling of industrial wastewater and sludge. Our team…
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Mainline televising in pulp mill

Woodland pulp mill

Televising inside pulp mill

Woodland Pulp Mill

Mainline TV

Mainline televising in pulp mill. During a recent renovation and addition at the Woodland pulp mill near Canada Keith and I drove up to inspect a 24" storm drain and locate exactly where the storm drain went outside. Just outside they are building a massive addition to the mill . They needed to know precisely where the storm drain is so they can drive pilings down for supports. Another job completed.

WWETT show Lucas Oil Stadium

WWETT show

live band

WWETT show

Kieth at Lucas Oil Stadium

WWETT show

Top fuel engine

WWETT show Lucas Oil Stadium. One of our vendors Jack Doheny Supplies the worlds largest Vactor dealer actually rented out the stadium to host the annual party at the WWETT show. Jack out did himself this time with live band and all. It's hard to believe my father bought his first jetter from Jack back in 1952.