What’s the Best Way to Fix a Clogged Toilet?

It's something homeowners dread – a clogged toilet. No matter if you tried to flush more toilet paper than your toilet could take, or your toddler decided to experiment with sending their toys on a watery journey, you suspect your toilet is now clogged. What should you do next? (more…)
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Everything You Need to Know About Basement & Laundry Drains

If you're noticing a foul stench in your basement, similar to a sewer smell, you could have a clogged basement drain. Every plumbing fixture has a trap, which is designed to prevent stinky sewer gasses from entering your home or business. If the basement drain gets clogged, it probably won't take you long to realize…
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5 Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

In addition to slippery driving conditions and bone-chilling cold, another winter hazard Mainers need to worry about is burst pipes. While winter is the most common time for business and homeowners to experience a burst pipe, they can actually happen year-round. Here are five tips you can follow to help prevent burst pipes at your…
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