Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance

Whether you're experiencing slow water drainage or a full-blown clogging or flooding from
a backed-up sewer or drainage line, we have the know-how and tools to take care of the problem.

We offer cleaning and unclogging services for the following:
  • sewer lines
  • drains
  • basement drains
  • laundry drains
  • toilet drains
  • tub drains
  • shower drains
  • sink drains, including kitchen sink drains
  • floor drains
  • foundation drains
  • positive drains
  • catch basins
Root Treatment
Mother Nature is persistent, and tree roots are no exception. The biological composition and moisture of wastewater systems attracts expanding roots, and given enough time, tree roots will colonize pipelines, creating poor flow capacity and even complete blockages. Traditional excavation methods only take care of the problem temporarily - mechanical cutting simply 'prunes' the roots, stimulating enhanced root growth. This method also often leaves tree chunks behind, which can still cause blockages, and mechanical cutting has no sealing element so roots just come back (typically within nine months).

We use RootX®, an aquatic herbicide and trenchless technology, that kills the invasive roots on contact. The root structure's remnants are carried out with the natural flow of the line, and the foaming treatment ensures that the entry points from which the tree roots first entered are sealed.

RootX® reaches intruding tree roots by way of manholes, clean-outs, and toilet bowls. It's simple to use and the most effective product on the market to treat tree root intrusions.

Our Process

We send one of our trusty remote access cameras into your drain or sewer line. As the footage is televised, we are able to analyze the condition of your system, which allows us to form our game plan.

Based upon the initial inspection, we choose the appropriate equipment and get to work cleaning your system.

We send our camera back in, re-televising our work and making sure that the job has been done to perfection. In addition to checking the footage in real time, we use the final evaluation to complete our report.

Our customer receives video footage and reports on the condition of the lines before and after the cleaning. We also offer AutoCAD drawings of the drainage system if the customer wants to take a more in-depth look at their infrastructure.

We draft a preventative-maintenance schedule based on our findings.

Location and Inspection

We use remote access camera technology to locate and inspect sewer and drain lines. Our cameras are equipped with radio-detection locating that allow us to pinpoint defects and buried structures, and trace any underground line within 20 feet below the surface and up to 1600 feet away.

SuperVision 140
We inspect the following:
  • sewer lines
  • drain lines
  • water lines
  • pool and spa lines
  • storm mains
  • culverts
  • manholes
  • confined spaces

Repair and Replacement

Using trenchless technology, we repair and replace sewer and drain lines.

Sealing of manholes, basements, and other structures using chemical grout comprised of polyurethane, we install permanent, watertight seals to defend sewer systems, pipelines, and basements against groundwater infiltration. When water seeps into these systems, the chance of overflow increases. Additionally, groundwater carries sand, silt, and debris with it, resulting in wear-and-tear on the system and creating instability. For these reasons, it's important that portages are properly sealed.