Trenchless Technologies

What are trenchless technologies?

Trenchless technologies refer to the methods and materials used in the installation of subsurface infrastructure, such as sewer and septic systems, and the rehabilitation and maintenance of these existing underground infrastructures. It's called "trenchless" because little to no excavation is needed in order to perform repairs, maintenance, or new installation. Predecessors to trenchless technology involve digging trenches and disrupting neighborhoods and communities, while trenchless technology uses specialized equipment consisting of cables, cameras, water-jetting apparatuses, and drain-cleaning products to remove blockages, replace damaged portions of pipes, and more.
The trenchless method is becoming increasingly popular as it is generally more cost-effective than traditional excavation, as well as less disruptive to traffic flow, neighborhoods, businesses. and other surface activities.

What are trenchless technologies used for?

  • Septic, water, and sewer lines and drains:
  • Location and inspection
  • Repair and replacement
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cleaning of clogged or plugged lines or tanks causing issues such as backups and floods
  • Root treatment (removal of invasive tree roots from lines and drains)

Also known as jet cleaning or hydro-jet cleaning, water jetting utilizes high-pressure streams of water to remove buildup and debris from septic tanks and sewer lines.

Tactics used to replace old or damaged sewer, water, and natural gas pipes. Equipment "expands" and "pulls" the designated pipe, allowing for its removal, repair, and/or replacement.

The method used to create new pipe inside an existing host pipe when the host pipe is damaged at a specific location or needs to be removed entirely.

Also known as cabling, this method involves the use of a cable, also called a drain snake, that is inserted down a drain to break up or extract a clog.

Used to prevent the infiltration of groundwater into sewer systems and basements.

Dispensed down manholes, clean-outs, and other portages, these products break down blockages such as invasive tree roots and other clogging agents.

Used for inspecting the inside of sewer and drain lines.

Equipment and Products We Use

Sewer cleaning equipment

Drain cleaning products and equipment

Environmentally friendly aquatic herbicide that eats away at invasive tree roots, causing their eventual decay, while sealing the holes through which they entered the pipe or tank.

Emulsifier used to break down blockages during water jetting

Remote access camera on wheels