Root Foam

Root Foam

It’s no secret that one of the leading problems in sewer systems is root intrusion. It also happens to be one of the most costly problems that a property owner faces. Unfortunately, for both homeowners and property owners, tree roots prosper when inside of nutrient-filled sewers. When tree roots enter sewer spaces they infiltrate through pipes, which can cause serious backups.

When tree roots or any other type of plant matter is deemed the cause of a pipe clog or blockage, it is a warning sign that there is a hole or crack in the pipe. It is important to beware that any leak in a pipe will eventually cause root intrusion. Once the intrusion begins, what starts out as a minuscule root quickly turns into an arms-length size structure. Due to the biological configuration of drain water systems, tree roots are bound to rapidly expand, which can lead to irreversible pipe failure.

Choosing the Right Root Control

While traditional removal approaches, like mechanical cutting, provide temporary fixes that eventually lead to tree roots returning, our team at EcoClean has The most effective preventative root treatment solution— RootX®. Our choice root treatment is an aquatic herbicide and root foaming technology that is non-fumigating and copper sulfate-free. RootX® will not damage your home’s pipes or sewer systems and is an environmentally conscious product . RootX® also does not harm trees or plants, it only kills the roots several inches from the pipe and does not have a negative effect on the tree.

Save Money

Our sewer and drain specialists at Eco Clean use RootX® because it is both effective in killing roots out of sewer lines and saving you money during the process. Because treating pipes with RootX® takes less time and does less damage than mechanical cutting, the result will last longer. Because cutting roots is also like pruning a tree, mechanical root cutting is almost like guaranteeing that the roots will grow back and the intrusion cycle will repeat itself. By having our specialists at Eco Clean annually apply RootX® to your pipes, not only you will be saving yourself a lot money, but you will also be sparing yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.

Act Quickly

RootX® can kill root within the first hour of application! It is an immediate pipe blockage and clogging problem solver. RootX foams to engulf the entire pipe, which is important because root growth occurs at the top of the pipe. Other products just flow down the pipe, only killing a small portion of the root problem. Due to its fast acting nature, RootX® foam will dissipate in about 15 minutes post application.

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EcoClean’s team of sewer and drain specialists use root foam solutions that will help you easily restore your pipe flow capacity and kill tree roots, all while avoiding costly repairs. If you are in need of root foam treatment, reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for you.  Contact us at 207-310-8429 or reach out to us via email at