Products and Equipment We Use


We use Vactor sewer-cleaning equipment, catch basin cleaners, and water jetters.

We use the best trenchless cable equipment in the business. We use enclosed drums to help prevent cable "spray" and quiet, efficient electric motors. These are powerful enough to eat through stubborn grease, tree roots, and other blockages. We use the following Spartan cable equipment:
Spartan 1065 – 4"–8" lines up to 200'
Spartan 300 - 3"–6" lines up to 75'
Spartan 100 – 1"–3" lines up to 100'
Spartan Drill Type – 1/2"–2" lines up to 35'


RootX is an environmentally friendly aquatic herbicide used to control intrusive tree and plant roots. RootX also seals the inside of the line being treated, preventing roots from re-entering. RootX kills roots on contact and within an hour destroys the root structure, restoring pipe flow capacity. Over time, the remnants of the broken down roots are carried out with flow of wastewater.

grease-x cropped

Grease-x is an environmentally friendly emulsifier used during the process of water jetting of pipelines to eliminate and prevent blockages and restore pipe flow capacity.


PipePatch is a company that specializes in trenchless technology materials and equipment.