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Mainline televising in pulp mill

Woodland pulp mill

Televising inside pulp mill

Woodland Pulp Mill

Mainline TV

Mainline televising in pulp mill. During a recent renovation and addition at the Woodland pulp mill near Canada Keith and I drove up to inspect a 24" storm drain and locate exactly where the storm drain went outside. Just outside they are building a massive addition to the mill . They needed to know precisely where the storm drain is so they can drive pilings down for supports. Another job completed.

WWETT Annual Trade Show


Annual Trade Show

WETT Show floor


Pics for the WWETT annual trade show. Every year we attend the WWETT show to upgrade our equipment, have hands on experience with new technologies and receive training to keep our business ahead of our competitors.

Sewer Lockout Device.


Sewer lockout device. Back in the old days most of the utilities were privately owned. This device allowed the company to shut off your sewer line if you did not pay your bills. Imagine if these devices were still in use today!

Orangeburg sewer lines.

IMG_0231 IMG_0232

Yes someone thought it was a great idea to take tar paper and roll it into a circle for use as sewer lines. We see these mostly installed here in the US around WWII from 1940-1950. If you have this type of sewer line most likely you have already replaced it. If not, you should or it will become an emergency replacement.