Sewer Drain Camera Inspection, Televising & Locating

Sewer Drain Camera Inspection

  • Inspect the inside of sewer and drain lines from 1-1/2" –68" and larger.
  • Water lines, Spa & Pool lines from 3/4" and larger.
  • Locate defects & check the condition of the line.
  • With integrated radio detection locating, we can pinpoint defects, buried structures and trace any underground line within inches, down to 20' in depth and up to 1,600 feet away. Sewer Drain Camera Inspections.

Main Line Pan/Tilt Camera with Robotic Tractors
6" –68" and larger lines up to 1,600'

Color Push Camera with Built in Locator
3/4" - 2" lines up to 85'
1-1/2" –3" lines up to 200'
3" –8" lines up to 400'

Zoom Cam 250'+ For quick inspections, storm mains, culverts, manholes & confined spaces

geneye control Geneye loctype

Video Probe Inspect through openings as small as 5/8"

Video Inspection Software Digital video with schematics, reports and photos NASSCO approved-PACP certified

Limited Access Video Inspection Vehicle We can televise anything, anywhere!

Bullet Locator 20' Deepwell Locator Small line locator 3/4"-3" perfect for locating water lines

Vehicle designed specifically for televising lines located in the most extreme areas. We can televise anything, anywhere!

Remote Access Sewer Drain Camera Inspections

Sewer Drain Camera Inspection Vehicle