3 Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Pool Inspected


Owning a pool is a valuable asset. Not only does a pool increase the value of your home, it provides a fun environment for friends and family on those hot summer days. Although pools are fun and entertaining, they can also be a headache when not taken care of properly. If pools aren’t properly maintained, they can be hazardous –– or even deadly.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to have your pool inspected regularly:

  1. Pools have complex equipment...which means they can have complex problems.

            For starters, the pool itself must be solid and leak-free. The heaters, filters, and pumps need to be checked regularly for proper operation. The plumbing and electrical equipment needs to be inspected. The decking surfaces, hardware that secures the surfaces, and the safety covers all need evaluation for condition and longevity. A thorough pool inspection will give you a good idea about how safe your pool is and prevent injury.

  1. Pools can be deadly.

            There are a number of injuries in and around the pool that could cause death. Pools need to be equipped with anti-entrapment covers on all suction drains. Without these covers, pool drains have enough suction power to hold swimmers, especially children, down in a pool. When human skin comes into contact with a flat pool drain, it can creation suction power equal to hundreds of pounds of pressure. A pool drain inspection can ensure your pool is up to code and prevent drowning from suction drains.

  1. Buying a home with a pool without an inspection could result in the hidden cost of thousands of dollars in repair.

            When you buy a home with a pool, you’re buying the pool as is. An inspection of the pool can estimate how much damage already exists and the price it will take to bring the pool up to code and safety. If the pool does need work, you can offer a price adjustment on the house and negotiate before your real estate closing.

EcoClean has all the right tools to inspect your pool drains and lines to make sure you swim safely. Call us to inspect your pool today.