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How Do I Know if My Sewer Lines Need Cleaning?

Homeowners can’t exactly dig up their sewer lines to check to see if everything looks normal, so how do you know if you might have a septic issue that needs to be addressed, like dirty sewer lines? Here a few signs to watch for that could mean you have clogged sewer lines. 1. Multiple Fixtures…
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What is Repiping and Why Would I Need It?

Plumbing systems don’t last forever, as pipes will eventually wear out. The process of replacing old, worn-out pipes is known as repiping and it is a task that all homeowners will likely need to have performed at some point. Here are some signs that could indicate that your home (or business) needs to be repiped:…
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11 Common Items You Should Never Flush

Parents of young children may have had at least one experience with a child attempting to flush something they shouldn’t down the toilet, such as a toy, cell phone, keys, etc. As frustrating and occasionally humorous as it can be to deal with a child’s fascination with flushing foreign objects, it can also lead to…
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Older Home? Watch out for These Potential Plumbing Problems

If you own an older home, or are thinking about buying one, there are often a lot of advantages to be found, such as craftsmanship, interesting architectural details and spacious backyards. However, there are often downsides too, such as limited closet space, high ceilings (making the home tougher to heat) and outdated plumbing systems. Some…
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