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Water Conservation Tips for Homeowners

Want to save money on your water and sewer bill, and help the environment? These 10 water conservation tips can help you reduce the amount of water used in your household. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth and washing your hands.Use a low-flow shower head and shower with a bucket. The water you…
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Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repairs?

Since the majority of water line or septic system repairs are necessary due to normal wear and tear or root intrusion, the unfortunate truth is that most homeowner’s insurance companies will not pay for the cost. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small leak, or the replacement of the entire sewer system, you will most…
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What Causes Scale in Sewer Pipes?

If your office building or home was built more than 40 years ago, there’s a good chance that your sewer system includes cast-iron pipes. While sturdy, cast-iron pipes are also prone to developing scale and corrosion on the pipe interior over time, which can impact the pipe’s ability to function normally. What is Scale? In…
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Your Sewer Lines Are Ready for Their Close-Up

If you suspect that there are problems with the septic lines at your home or business, you might be concerned that they will need to be dug up for a sewer specialist to determine where the issue lies. While this may have been necessary in the past, today sewer repair companies like EcoClean are able…
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