4 Reasons You Need to Know About Trenchless Sewer Repair

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If you are a homeowner there will come a fateful day where you need to have your sewer repaired. In the past, the common solution for this kind of undertaking has been traditional trenching, which brings with it a laundry list of disruptions such as ripping up your front lawn, driveway, and creating inconvenient traffic for your surrounding community.

In recent years, a more effective alternative has emerged for all of our sewer repair needs—trenchless technology methods. According to Angie’s List, trenchless methods for homes have been around for 15 years, but Ecoclean’s team has been performing trenchless repairs for over 16 years. There are two popular approaches to trenchless sewer repair—pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe lining is an adjustable tube that is coated with resin and is blown or inflated. Once the resin hardens it creates a pipe within another pipe that helps keep away corrosion and other kinds of deterioration. Pipe lining requires digging a single access hole. Pipe bursting requires pulling a new pipe through a damaged one, while concurrently breaking the old pipe out into the ground. We can replace a 4” pipe with a 4” pipe or even upsize a 4” pipe to 6” if needed with this method.

Both pipe lining and pipe bursting techniques are equally dependable, and can benefit you in many other ways.

A Dig-Free Repair

We all can agree that one of the most unpleasant parts of traditional sewer repair is all of the digging that it entails. Trenchless sewer repair technology will allow your contractors to repair your sewer underground through pipe lining or pipe bursting and avoid digging up your entire front lawn!

Cost & Time Effective

Simply by opting for trenchless sewer repair, you will be saving a ton of time and money by not having to reconstruct your driveway or lawn after the pipe has been fixed.

Less Invasive Process

Due to the innovative nature of trenchless sewer repair, there is less damage to nearby areas. Without having to dig up front lawns and concrete driveways, trenchless sewer repairs maximizes efficiency and minimizes the disturbance.

Environmentally Smart

Trenchless technologies help improve the quality of having your sewer repaired. Older methods disrupt all of the living plants and flowers in the areas that required digging. With trenchless technologies you will be able to preserve your lawn, flowers, plants, and trees.

Our main objective at Eco Clean The Sewer & Drain Specialists is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions that will not only benefit them, but also Mother nature herself.