5 Fun Facts About Drains

EcoClean knows drains. We spend a lot of time cleaning, unclogging, and repairing them. We’re particularly familiar with basement drains, laundry drains, toilet drains, tub drains, shower drains, sink drains, floor drains...you get the picture.


Most of us don’t think about drains and what they do for us...until they stop working and start causing some trouble! We thought we’d pass along some trivia-worthy knowledge on how drains came to be. Without the invention of drains, we’d be living in a foul-smelling world!


  • 2500 BC: The Egyptians
    Our Sphinx-loving friends were the first documented people to create drainage systems. Water was special and a large part of their purification rituals. Clean, healthy water was a must and a drainage system was a huge help.
  • 1700 BC: The Minoans
    On the Greek Island of Crete, the Minoan Palace was technologically advanced for the time. The palace alone had four drainage systems that emptied sewage into gigantic sewers made of stone. They also created irrigation, aqueducts, and deep wells that brought fresh water to the inhabitants.
  • 800 BC: The Romans
    They created sewer systems in Rome called Cloaca Maxima. We’re familiar with the popularity of baths among the Romans. Without clean and safe water, the Roman Baths would’ve been a breeding ground for bacteria and sickness.
  • 1775: England
    Alexander Cumming patented the two-piece flushing toilet design that we’re still using today. (Although it’s had a few tweaks since it’s debut.)
  • 1870: England


Thomas Twyford was the first to create a fully ceramic toilet, which we are quite familiar with today. Thanks for making metal toilets a thing of the past!


Now that you’re armed with plenty of drain knowledge, remember to give EcoClean a call next time your drains and pipes cop an attitude. We know just what to do.