7 Warning Signs of Damaged Sewer Pipes

When it comes to damaged sewer pipes, there can be several obvious signs that something has gone wrong. You should also be aware of other small details that indicate a failing sewer line. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, please call EcoClean immediately. A sewer inspection by a professional can save you further costly damages to your property.

Sewer Backups and Blockage: Backups usually occur in the lowest open drain in your sewer. If you experience a backup each time you run water in your sink or bathtub or everytime you flush, the problem is likely in the main sewer line. If you’re still experiencing frequent backups despite having your pipes cleaned, than the issue may be caused by root intrusion, cracks in your pipes, or misaligned pipes. The best way to resolve this issue is a sewer video inspection.

Sewer Gas Smells: This is a typical red flag that there is crack in your sewer system. A sanitary sewer should be airtight, with the exception of vent stacks on your roof. Sewer smells mean there is an opening somewhere in your sewer lines.

Slow Drain: Slow drainage may be a clue that a blockage is forming, which could lead to sewage backup. Pay close attention to slow draining in your bathtub, toilet, or sink. Beware of using chemical drain cleaners because it could eat away at the older pipes in your home causing thousands of dollars in damage. EcoClean uses environmentally-friendly products to unclog drains and pipes.

Extra Green Grass: Although it sounds nice to have patches of very green grass, extra lush areas on your lawn could point to a sewer leak. Sewage is perfect fertilizer for vegetation.

Sinkholes: An extreme symptom of sewer pipe deterioration includes issues like cracks and sinkholes. If the main line leaks and goes untreated, a void could develop and cause a dangerous sinkhole. Call EcoClean The Sewer & Drain Specialist immediately to inspect your drain system.

Septic Waste in Your Yard:  While it is obvious there is problem if you have waste pooling in your yard, the issue could be a number of things from a broken septic tank, to a cracked main line, or a clogged drain field.

Rats:  Since rats live in sewers, finding them in your home could be a clue to a breakage in your sewer lines. A video inspection of your sewer system could pinpoint possible rodent entry points.

When it comes to damaged sewer pipes, consider EcoClean to come to your rescue! Whether you're experiencing slow water drainage or a full-blown clogging or flooding from a backed-up sewer or drainage line, we have the know-how and tools to take care of the problem. On top of using eco-friendly products for your drains, we also use remote access camera technology to locate and inspect sewer and drain lines safely with minimal damage to your property.