Cold weather repair of frozen sewer line

les wilson and sons

frozen sewer line

les wilson and sons

cold weather repair

Cold weather repair of frozen sewer line. We had a call in Pine Point for a plugged sewer at a cottage. Mathew went out and tried to cable the line open only to find that the line was frozen. We televised the line and found the pipe was completely frozen and actually split the PVC open. Sewer lines usually don't break when they freeze like water lines. This line was 4' deep and frozen solid. After excavating and cutting a section out we found the line was frozen solid for 155' to the city drop connection at the city main. Later the homeowner admitted to letting the faucet drip so he could turn down the heat inside and not freeze is water line. They learned a big lesson today. Better to pay a little extra in heat cost than a lot extra to repair a broken and frozen sewer line.

Don't leave your faucets dripping in the winter. For three weeks straight we were thawing frozen sewer lines this year do to this old wise tale.