Drain Cleaning for Your Commercial Business

The plumbing system is crucial to the proper function of almost any business. When a drain becomes clogged it can range from being a nuisance to a major issue, depending on what type of business you own.

If water starts to back up into your sink or floor drain, you probably have a clog. Here’s a look at what causes clogs to form in a commercial drain, and how EcoClean can unclog a drain.

What Causes Drains to Clog?

In most cases, the source of a commercial drain clog is buildup that occurs over time. Dirt, food scraps, debris and mineral deposits can all contribute to a gradual buildup in a pipe that eventually turns into a full-blown clog if the pipe isn’t cleaned.

Restaurants are particularly susceptible to drain clogs due to the amount of food and grease that ends up in commercial kitchen sinks. Grease in particular can easily result in a clogged sink. That’s because it can solidify in the pipes, resulting in food debris also becoming trapped. Before you know it, the entire sink is clogged.

If the issue is with a floor drain, it likely means that there is an issue with the sewer line. There are several potential causes, including:

  • Gradual buildup of debris over time.
  • Non-organic items being flushed down the toilet that become lodged in the pipe.
  • Tree roots growing into the pipe and causing a blockage.

If the pipe leading from the toilets in your business become clogged, it can cause water to backup into the basement floor drain. Not only is it not pleasant to think about sewer water entering your business, it’s also not sanitary.

Cleaning Commercial Drains

EcoClean has several different ways to unclog a pipe, depending on the nature of the clog. These include:

  • High-pressure water jetting. This is a fast and environmentally-friendly way to clean buildup from a pipe and get water flowing normally. The high pressure of the water can help dissolve even stubborn clogs that have built up over time and won’t harm your pipes.
  • A drain snake is a tool that our technician can use to break up clogs in your pipes. It is usually about ¼-inch thick and has a handle on one end. It is fed into the drain, then cranked until it reaches and breaks up the obstruction.
  • Root foam. If we determine that the cause of the drain issue is tree roots, the root foam RootX® is one of the most effective ways of treating the problem. It’s an aquatic herbicide and root foaming technology that is non-fumigating and copper sulfate-free. It won’t harm your business’s pipes or sewer systems, or cause harm to trees or plants.

If your business is experiencing drain issues, give the plumbing and drain professionals at EcoClean a call. We have the commercial plumbing expertise and the necessary equipment to service all your commercial drain cleaning needs.