Drains Blocked? The Culprit Could Be in Your Backyard

Trees are an important part of any property. They provide shade, release oxygen and are nice to look at. While trees benefit us in many ways, they can also occasionally cause harm – especially to sewer systems.

Roots are always seeking out valuable nutrients in the ground, and unfortunately, your sewer system can be a jackpot for hungry roots. If a root can reach a tiny crack or opening in a sewer pipe, roots can work their way in and grow until the pipe is completely blocked, forcing sewage back into your home. Tree roots are the number one cause of homeowners needing a sewer line repair.

How Do I Know if There Are Roots in My Pipes?

One sign that you may have roots working their way into your sewer pipes is a gurgling noise that will occur in the toilet, similar to the noise it might make when the laundry machine finishes a load. You also may notice water is starting to back up in the bathtub, near the washing machine or in the basement.

If you are experiencing these issues, it’s a good idea to call sewer experts like EcoClean to evaluate and treat the problem. That’s because the longer you wait, the more damage roots could potentially cause to your pipes.

Treating Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipes

If you suspect root intrusion, the skilled technicians at EcoClean will inspect your pipes and determine if roots have in fact taken hold.

If our team discovers roots, there are a few approaches that we can take. One is mechanical cutting, such as using a Spartan. However, that only offers a temporary fix and doesn’t get to the root of the problem, pardon the pun. When you treat intrusive roots with cutting, it functions in much the same way as pruning a tree. It temporarily solves the problem, but eventually the root will grow back, and the cycle will begin again.

We believe in treating problem roots with RootX® – an aquatic herbicide and root foaming technology. Not only will it not damage your home’s sewer system and pipes, it is also environmentally-friendly. That means it won’t cause harm to any surrounding trees and plants. Instead, it acts strictly to kill the roots growing within a few inches of the pipe, and the tree itself will not be harmed.

RootX foam acts fast, killing roots within an hour of application and clearing the pipe. Treating roots with RootX annually saves homeowners time and money, since they won’t need frequent mechanical root cutting to treat the problem. It takes less time than mechanical cutting and the results last longer. It can also potentially reduce the need for a sewer line repair or trenchless sewer repair down the road.  

If you need help removing tree roots from your sewer lines, give the experts at EcoClean a call today!