Why Early Leak Detection Is Important

If your home doesn't run on well water, you know the dread of opening up your water bill each month. Watching your water bill fluctuate from month to month is cause for some concern. You know you haven’t changed your water usage habits, so why is the bill so high? You might have a leak, which is directly affecting your bank account.

You can try calling the water company for a fix, but most of the time it isn’t their fault. Typically, the problem is a pesky leak. Even if the water company shuts off the water in your home, the leak will continue sprouting from your pipes. Not routinely checking for leaks can lead to an inflated water bill, which isn't ideal for anyone. Even if your home isn’t on a metered connection, it can still directly affect your finances.

But wait, there’s more! Leaks aren’t the only cause of fluctuations in your water bill. The spilled water from leaks can lead to additional problems...expensive problems at that.

Some of these leaky pipes problems include:

  • Mold growth from the additional water/moisture in the area
  • Water damage to walls and floors
  • Increased chances of sinkholes

By checking your pipes on a regular basis, you could possibly avoid some of these problems. Save money and protect your house by performing some of these short tests.

Run Water Meter Tests - Start with taking note of how much water you use now. That will be a good benchmark for future reference. Next, turn off your water for 20 minutes. Check the meter after that. Then, double-check by noting the meter’s new position and shutting off the home water valve—cutting off all water to the house. By the end of this, if the water meter has moved, you may have a leak.

Check for water damage - If any place in your house has indications of water damage, then you likely have a leak somewhere in your house.

Check Faucets and Drains - Any irregularity in your faucet or drain, like discolored water or slow or clogged drains, may hint at a water problem. Add a small amount of food coloring to the back tank of your toilet. If the food coloring makes it into the bowl of the toilet, then your toilet is leaking water.

Outside of the house - If the meter test indicates the leak is coming from outside, you may want to check it out. Indicators of water leaks from the exterior may include damp grass areas, shifting soil, etc.

If you need help with early leak detections, or if you did find a leak, contact us at

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