EcoClean Invests in New Equipment to Better Serve Customers

At EcoClean, we make it a point to keep up on the latest tools of the trade to make sure we are providing our customers with the best service possible. As part of those efforts, we have recently partnered with two companies to enhance our offerings. We'll explain more about them, and how they can benefit your home or business.


Digging up and replacing old, worn-out pipes can be time-consuming and expensive. In many cases, a pipe liner can be installed and allow the pipe to function normally without the need for a replacement. That’s because the liner is essentially creating a new pipe. The best part is not only is the new pipe 100% structurally sound, it also has a very high slickness factor. This means that any material put down the drain will slide through the pipe with greater ease, and it is less likely that clogs will form. Liners can typically extend the life of a pipe by protecting it from root intrusion and water infiltration for more than 50 years.

EcoClean now offers liners by FORMADRAIN. The liners are made from steam-cured fiberglass and epoxy liner. They can either be pulled-in-place or pushed-in-place through existing underground pipes – no digging necessary. FORMADRAIN liners can be used for spot repairs as well as for:

  • Sewer lines.
  • Storm drains.
  • Process lines.
  • Lateral lines.

Basically, almost any pipe can repaired with this technology.

FORMADRAIN liner systems are easy for our trained technicians to install, which means we can complete the job with minimal interruption to your home or business. Our staff will just need to clean the pipes, insert the new liner and steam cure the liner for approximately 45-120 minutes. Once it's cured, your pipes can be used as normal.

Picote Maxi-Miller De-scaling and Lateral Re-instatement Tools

At EcoClean, our team of trained technicians are now using Picote's Maxi Miller for a variety of purposes, including de-scaling pipes and lateral re-instatements.

If your water pressure isn't as strong as it used to be, it could be due to a buildup of scale throughout your plumbing. Our older homes and buildings here on the East Coast typically have cast iron or metal piping. Over the years these pipes start to rust on the inside, creating scale which catches all the fun stuff we put down our drains. Conventional drain cleaners will not and cannot remove this scale build up. With our new Picote milling machine we can remove 100% of the scale from these lines creating a nice, smooth surface for material to flow through. If the pipes are so old that they are getting thin or rotting, Picote has a special coating that we can apply to restore the piping. In more severe cases we can use our FORMADRAIN system to install a 100% structural liner to restore the piping to better than new!

Pipes don't last forever. Either through normal wear and tear, or by root intrusion, they eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Rather than digging up your entire lawn and ripping up and replacing pipes, EcoClean can repair many pipes through what's known as trenchless technologies. Lateral re-instatement cutting is a form of trenchless technology, and allows the experts at EcoClean to repair your pipes with a less invasive approach.

For more information about our newest equipment, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 207-358-3540.