FAQs About Trenchless Technology

At EcoClean, we strive to provide expert help for all your sewer and drain problems. To be the best, we use Trenchless Technologies to save time and preserve the environment around the job.

If you are a new homeowner or have never experienced sewer problems before, you may be wondering why you should choose trenchless technologies over other traditional approaches. The following are commonly asked questions that we receive about the trenchless approach and how we answer them.

What is “trenchless technology?”

This refers to the materials and methods used to install subsurface infrastructure, like sewer and septic systems, and the service and maintenance of existing underground structures. It is “trenchless” because little to no excavation is needed to do maintenance, installation, or repair. Digging is a thing of the past! We use specialized equipment like cables, cameras, water-jetting apparatuses, and drain-cleaning products to remove blocks and replace the damaged parts of pipes and more!

What’s the main difference between the traditional approach and the trenchless approach?

With the traditional approach, specialists would have to dig to get to the pipes, which is a real pain and a big mess! With trenchless technology, it allows contractors to go underground through pipelining or pipe bursting. No more digging up your front lawn to get to the pipes!

What’s ‘Pipe Bursting’?

Pipe bursting is accomplished by pulling a bursting device through an existing pipe. This device shatters the old pipe and forces the fragments into the surrounding soil. The new pipe is attached to the bursting device and is thus pulled into place as the device advances.

So my lawn will be fully intact and the environment won’t be harmed?

At EcoClean, we understand the importance of not disrupting the environment that we work in. With this technology, no trees, flowers, or animals are harmed. Older methods would disrupt plants and trees from growing, but not anymore.

Okay, but does the ‘pipe bursting’ and ‘pipelining’ cost more?

NO! Since your lawn and driveway will stay intact, pricing stays down.

For more information, visit the International Society for Trenchless Technology or our video gallery to see videos of what we do with trenchless technology. We also have a 24/7 phone number you can call for service: 207-482-0456.