Why Do Frozen Pipes Burst (and What to Do About it)

Winter in New England has its challenges and one of them is worrying about your home. More specifically, your pipes are susceptible to freezing, bursting, and causing extensive and expensive water damage. Learning about why they burst can help prevent problems in the future.

The Why:

Pipes freeze and burst because the temperature drops below or around freezing, which causes increased pressure inside the pipes. Once the pressure reaches a tipping point, the pipe bursts.

Many believe that pipes burst because of expanding ice, but this isn't entirely true. The ice pushes the water closer to the closed faucet and the pressure bursts the pipe. The most high-risk pipes for bursting are outside and not protected by the house's insulation. Basement and crawl space pipes are also at risk due to the lack of insulation in those spaces.

What You Can Do:

The easy answer is to insulate your pipes. By coating them with a foam sleeve or fiberglass, you can help keep your pipes safe throughout the cold winter in New England. Also, you can also leave the faucet open just a crack. By doing this, you will avoid those high-pressure levels that cause the bursting of the pipes.

Another possible solution to help your pipes is directing warmer air to colder areas of your house. This will prevent the areas where the pipes are from getting down to those dangerous freezing temperatures. Additionally, sealing leaks in your home to keep the cold air out will not only help your heating bill but will also prevent your pipes from bursting.

Finally, you can always call the experts at EcoClean to help protect your pipes from winter temperatures. You can our 24/7 hotline 207-245-1984 to schedule an appointment to get your pipes fixed or ask us how to prevent them from bursting during cold winter nights.