How Camera Inspections Can Prevent Pipe Problems

Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your home in tip-top shape. However, while it’s relatively easy to spot potential issues on your deck, gutters or roof, how do you keep an eye on areas of your home that you can’t actually see, like sewer pipes?

At Eco-Clean, we turn to CCTV cameras to inspect pipes for signs of wear and tear, blockages, root intrusion or other damage.

How Do I Know If I Need a Sewer Line Replacement? 

It’s natural for build-up to form on the interior of sewer pipes over time. Soap and grease residue can start to accumulate, attracting other material that passes through your pipe until the pipe interior begins to narrow, reducing the water-flow efficiency and causing potential drainage issues in your sink and shower drains, or a noise like gurgling is a sure sign something is beginning to block up. 

Another potential source of pipe problems – trees. While they provide much-needed shade for your backyard, tree roots are always in search of nutrients, something that your sewer pipes have in abundance. If cracks have begun to form in your pipes, it is easy for tree roots to work their way inside, further damaging the pipe, and potentially leading to a blockage.

In the past, it was necessary to dig up sewer pipes to determine if there is any damage or blockage that might require a pipe replacement. But with CCTV cameras, EcoClean’s skilled technicians can easily see exactly what is happening in your pipes and decide on the appropriate course of action to treat the issue before it becomes a major problem.

How Does a Pipe Camera Inspection Work?

At the start of a camera inspection, one of our technicians will insert a rod with a high-resolution video camera directly into your sewer line. The cameras are flexible and can easily navigate the twists and turns in a sewer line. This gives us the ability to examine your pipes and drain lines even in the narrowest of spaces.

We use several types of sewer cameras at EcoClean, from main line cameras with robotic tractors that allows the camera operator to pan and tilt to inspect the sewer line, to nano cameras that squeeze into lines that are as small as ¾”.

During the pipe inspection, images from the camera are televised directly to a monitor, where our employees can assess your pipe’s condition in real time. Radio transmitters located on the camera are also able to record the depth and physical location of any cracks, breaks or obstructions in the sewer line. In addition to the visual inspection, our robotic cameras also utilize software to assist us analyze our findings and download schematics, reports and photos of the sewer lines. We then are prepared to determine the best course of treatment. While this could require a pipe or sewer line replacement, in many cases we are able to treat the pipe with water jetting, root foam or a trenchless pipe replacement, saving you time and money.

If you suspect that your sewer line may have an issue and would like a professional camera inspection, give the experts at EcoClean a call today!