How Does Water Jetting Work?

One way to ensure that your plumbing system, drains, water lines and sewer lines function normally is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Otherwise, the grease, soap, minerals, food and other materials that regularly travel though your pipes will gradually build up and form deposits that could lead to a clog and potentially even cause a sewer backup. One way to remove any built-up residue in your pipes and sewer lines is by using a water jet.

A water jetter consists of a motor attached to a tank of water. A long hose connects to the water tank, and the other end of the hose is fitted to a nozzle designed to fit inside your pipes. EcoClean owns a wide variety of nozzle sizes, which ensures that we have the right fit for any size pipe.

Once your EcoClean technician has assessed the pipe to be cleaned and chose the appropriate nozzle, they will then lower the hose down the drain opening and activate the motor, which pressurizes the water. Once the water is fully pressurized, the water jet operator will then blast the water into your pipes. The operator has full control over the pressure, amount and speed of the water at all times. This allows them to quickly and efficiently wash away any residue, blockages and clogs that have accumulated inside your pipes, and also ensures that your drain and sewer systems are not damaged during the process. Because of the acceleration power of a water jet, it is much more effective than other unclogging methods in removing buildup and residue from pipe interiors.

Not only is water jetting a safe and effective method of cleaning drains and pipes, it is also environmentally-friendly. While some pipe and cleaning methods utilize chemicals, which can lead to pipes becoming damaged and require replacing, water jetting only uses water to remove residue and clogs. This helps prolong the life of your pipes and drains. Just one water jet cleaning can make your pipes seem like their brand-new. Another added benefit of cleaning your pipes with water jetting is that it makes it more difficult for deposits and residue to form in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about water jetting, or schedule an appointment for a cleaning, give us a call today!