Sewer Repair for Commercial Businesses

When you own a business and something goes wrong with your sewer pipes it’s not only a nuisance, it could also force you to shut down until the issue is resolved, especially if you own a restaurant or bar. That’s why it’s important to call the sewer repair experts at EcoClean right away if you suspect there could be sewer issues.

Signs of a Faulty Sewer Line

The main sewer line at your commercial business carries the wastewater from your building to the city sewer system. Some early warning signs that you may have a clogged or damaged sewer line include sink drains that empty slower than normal, water backing up, toilets that are slow to refill, or gurling noises in the pipes. 

If you suspect a clog, you could try plunging it or using a sewer snake to try to dislodge the obstruction. However, if that doesn’t do the trick or you suspect that the pipe may be damaged or broken, it’s better to leave things to the professionals at EcoClean.

Commercial Sewer Line Replacements & Repairs

The cause of the sewer line clog may depend on the type of business you run. For example, restaurants are more susceptible to clogged pipes due to food scraps and grease getting dumped down the drain and into your pipes. Over time, this can cause a build-up and require professional cleaning to restore normal water flow. One way we treat issues like this is with high-pressure water jetting. By using this method, we can quickly remove years’ worth of build-up. Our technicians can control the amount and speed of the water entering your pipes, which means you won’t have to worry about damage. Not only that, because all we are using is water, the entire procedure is environmentally sound.

While restaurants are the commercial businesses most likely to face grease clogs, any business may find itself facing a damaged or broken sewer line due to invasive roots. Tree roots are always seeking out nutrients in the soil, and unfortunately for your sewer pipes, that material located within your pipes is particularly appealing to roots. If there are any slight cracks in your pipes, persistent roots are able to work their way inside. Then, as they grow, then can begin to constrict the amount of material that can easily pass through your sewer line. If not treated, they can cause serious damage to the pipe.

We can use a sewer camera to inspect sewer pipes to determine what the issue is. If we discover the problem is invasive roots, we can treat it using aquatic herbicide and root foaming technology called RootX®. It won’t damage your business’s pipes or sewer systems, or the surrounding trees or plants. It only kills the roots in the immediate vicinity of the pipe. 

Should the camera inspection reveal that your pipes are in need of repair, we can use trenchless technology to either repair or replace your sewer line without the need to dig up your property. This will save you time, money, and let you quickly get back down to business.