What To Do If You Smell Sewer Gas in Your Home

If you’re unsure of what “sewer smell” smells like, just know it’s a smell you will not forget. It’s also a pretty dangerous smell and could point to several plumbing issues. Sewer smell is similar to that of rotten eggs and comes from decaying organic matter...also known as sewage. Smells travel up and into your home through your plumbing system and the “sewer smell” is a gas known as hydrogen sulfide. This gas is toxic if inhaled for a long period of time. As soon as this gas is present in your home, you need to take action. Here are a few common causes of sewer smell in a home or business:

  • Dry Traps: The most common culprit of sewer gas odor is a “dry trap,” which is when a toilet, sink, or floor drain isn’t used for awhile and the water trap in the drain line dries out. The sewer gas then backs up into the room.
  • Cracked Pipes or Drain Lines: Another cause is a broken drain line, allowing sewer gas into a crawl space or mechanical area, further seeping into an office, apartment, etc.
  • AC Condensate Drains: Your HVAC is a clue to leaks in a vent pipe that is close to your return air duct. Leaking sewer gas is sucked back into the return air system and distributed throughout your home by the air handler.
  • Vent Pipe Clogs:  The sewer smell could be due to a clog in your plumbing vent pipes. Rust scale, leaves, debris, even tennis balls could be the culprit clogging your pipes.

If you are smelling that “rotten egg” smell in your home, it’s time to call EcoClean. We have the experts and technologies to inspect and repair your sewer lines, drains, or any other plumbing that is responsible for your sewer gas smells. We strive to be the leader in the sewer and drain cleaning, inspection, and repair industry in Maine and the Northeast. Give us a call today!