Why We Use RootX for Root Control

Here at EcoClean, we are always looking for the best equipment and procedures to help fix your problems. Our Trenchless Technology kills two birds with one stone, offering efficiency and being environmentally friendly.

EcoClean uses RootX to control roots on your property. Root intrusion on underground pipes is a big problem. Instead of digging up your lawn to get to the pipes, RootX is used to clear out those pesky roots that stick to your pipes. RootX is a patented formula that foams on contact with water, reaching the top of pipes where 90 percent of root growth occurs. RootX sticks to pipe walls, preventing re-growth for up to two years, helping pipes operate at full capacity. RootX kills roots using “aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil, a non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic solution” that will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation. With this technology, pipes are guaranteed to be root-free for 12 months.

The RootX formula was introduced in 1994 and was engineered to limit the environmental impact that other rooting formulas caused. It was engineered for fast, simple and cost-effective applications that don't require extensive training or expensive add-on equipment.

RootX foaming tree root killer saves time and money when it is used to treat tree root intrusion in sewer drain pipes, septic systems, sewer systems and storm drains. It is also safe for all plumbing. Without RootX, roots can poke holes and strangle your pipes, which can lead to costly expenses later down the line.

At EcoClean, we have the latest technology on our side to ensure that your yard will be intact and your pipes will be safe. For more information about RootX, visit rootx.com. To schedule an appointment for your home or business, call our 24/7 service hotline 207-317-6137.