Water Conservation Tips for Homeowners

Want to save money on your water and sewer bill, and help the environment? These 10 water conservation tips can help you reduce the amount of water used in your household.

  1. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth and washing your hands.
  2. Use a low-flow shower head and shower with a bucket. The water you capture can be used to water plants or while flushing your toilet. Try to shorten your shower time to save even more water.
  3. Install a dual-flush or low-flow toilet.
  4. Water your lawn in the morning when temperatures are cooler, so you lose less water to evaporation.
  5. Place a rain barrel outside to use for watering outdoor areas.
  6. Don’t run the washing machine or dishwasher until you have a full load, and skip hand washing dishes when possible, since it uses more water.
  7. If you’re in the market for new appliances, look for models that feature the EPA’s WaterSense label or ENERGY STAR certification.
  8. Take your car to the car wash. While it may feel satisfying to do it yourself, it takes a lot more water (and time) to wash it by hand.
  9. Test your toilet for leaks by adding food coloring to the tank. If the water in the bowl changes color, your toilet may need a replacement fill mechanism or rubber flapper.
  10. Hire a plumber to fix leaks in your water or septic line.

If you suspect you have a leak or are in need of other plumbing services, call EcoClean. Our trained technicians can inspect your pipes using cameras to check for damage, and then make any necessary repairs or replacements.