What to Do If Your Sewer Line Backs Up

If your sewer line begins to back up into your home it can be a mess, literally. Not only is sewage water dirty and smelly, it can also be dangerous, since it may contain bacteria that could sicken you or your family members.

Here is what you should do if you ever experience this problem.

  • Minimize use of toilets or sinks. Any use of these items will likely send more water gushing into your basement, so avoid using them unless it is a true emergency.
  • During severe flooding or backup situations - Stay away from electrical appliances. If sewer water comes into contact with electrical appliances in your home, you are at risk for electrocution, so steer clear. If you can safely shut off the main power breaker to your home, do so. If you own any gas-powered appliances, like a stove, call your gas company and ask them to shut off your service until the issue is resolved.
  • Don’t touch anything. It’s natural to want to try and salvage what you can, such as furniture or family mementos, but you run the risk of becoming ill by coming into contact with the contaminated water. You should leave the cleanup to a professional cleaning company.
  • Document everything. If you have items that were damaged or destroyed during the sewer water backup, your insurance company is going to want as much information as possible. Write everything down while it is fresh in your memory and take photos once you can do so safely to further substantiate your claim.
  • Call EcoClean. We are experts at sewer repair and will be able to stop the backup from entering your home and make any necessary repairs to your sewer drain.

There are several issues that can cause a sewer line to back up, including tree roots that have grown into a pipe and clogged it, or debris flushed down the toilet, such as toilet paper or feminine hygiene products, causing a clog. No matter what the cause, if sewer water is backing up into your home, you may need a sewer line repair.

At EcoClean, we use cameras to inspect sewer and drain lines. This allows us to find problems in sewer lines up to 20 feet below the surface and 1,600 feet away. Once we can locate the source of the problem, we will take the necessary steps to correct it. This could involve using water jetting or a plumbing snake to clear a clog from a pipe, or using root foam to kill any roots blocking the pipe.

If the pipe is damaged, we can repair or replace it, often by using trenchless technologies. This means we can repair pipes without digging them up. Not only is it an effective way to make any necessary fixes, it is also far less disruptive for homeowners.

If you think your sewer drain is experiencing problems, or water has already started to back up into your home, give the trained technicians at EcoClean a call right away at 207-420-8962.