What To Do If Your Sewer Pipes Burst

Any type of burst pipe can lead to a water leak, which can cause significant property damage to your home. However, water from a burst sewer line has the potential to cause even more harm. That’s because water from your septic system contains sewage, which can contaminate any surface it comes into contact with, such as furniture, clothing or drapes. It can also cause illness, since the water contains fecal matter and other contaminants potentially harmful to humans. If the burst pipe is outdoors, it can also potentially contaminate your water supply.

When a sewer pipe, also known as a blackwater line, bursts, it is a little trickier to manage than if a standard water pipe springs a leak. Unlike typical waterlines, the pipes that carry your sewer water away from your home aren’t pressurized. So, while you should start by shutting off the main plumbing valve to stop the flow of clean water in your home from further spreading the contaminated water, it won’t stop the water flow in your sewer pipe.

When a normal water pipe bursts, it’s important to try to salvage as many personal items as you can by removing them from the area that has been flooded and beginning the drying out process. However, when that water comes from a sewer pipe, you risk becoming sickened if you encounter the contaminated water. Cleanup and salvage are better left to professionals equipped to handle the damage caused by dangerous blackwater, such as a plumber and cleaning and restoration company.

Once the plumber stops the flow of sewer water, the restoration company will remove the water, dry out your home and possessions, and disinfect any surfaces that have been contaminated. While workers will do their best to save what they can, some possessions may not be able to be salvaged after being exposed to blackwater. In addition, any affected insulation and flooring will likely need to be replaced.

If there is also an issue with the sewer line itself, EcoClean can repair or replace the damaged pipe. In many cases, we are able to do this with a trenchless pipe replacement, which means we can repair the pipe without the extra time and cost that digging it up and replacing it would require. Instead, we rely on a variety of specialized equipment, such as cameras and cables to repair or replace damaged sections of the pipe. This is a more effective, and far less disruptive for homeowners.

If your sewer pipe bursts, or you suspect it may be leaking, give the trained technicians at EcoClean a call right away at 207-420-8962