Why Does My Toilet Fill So Slowly?

Slow-filling toilet tanks are a common problem for homeowners. While it’s not as problematic as an over-flowing or backed-up toilet, it can be annoying, especially if it sometimes requires flushing a second time for the water to completely return to the normal fill level.

Here are some common sources of a slow-filling toilet, and tips on how to resolve the issue.

A Float Ball Sitting Too Low

In many cases, the float ball is the culprit of a slow-filling toilet. The ball is designed to sit above the water in the tank. Once the water in the tank reaches the appropriate volume, the ball then moves the float arm to stops more water from entering the tank. If the float ball is positioned too low in the tank, it could prevent the proper amount of water from entering the tank. Try slightly bending the flat arm upward in order to move the ball higher up in the tank. If that seems to help fix the problem, but you notice that the ball starts to drop too low again, it may mean that it simply needs to be replaced.

A Partially-Open Valve

If the float ball appears to be functioning normally, the problem could lie with the water supply valve located underneath the tank. If the valve is only partially open, it could be slowing down the amount of water that is passing through. Make sure the valve is open all the way so that water can flow freely into the tank.

Low Water Pressure

In some cases, the problem might not be the toilet at all, but rather a larger issue with the water pressure in your home. If you own an older home, the pressure issue could be caused by pipes that have become rusted, developed a leak or become clogged over time. If you suspect this may be the issue, call the plumbing specialists at EcoClean. We use tools such as remote-access cameras to inspect septic lines for leaks, cracks or other defects. Our technicians can then repair or replace any faulty pipes and return your water pressure to normal.

What if My Toilet Overflows?

If your problem isn’t a slow-filling toilet, but rather one that overfills, you have a clogged toilet on your hands. Try plunging it first. Then, if that doesn’t work, a drain snake can often be an effective way to break up existing clogs. If that fails to solve the problem, the team at EcoClean should be able to locate and remove the source of the clog.