Why Our Specialists at Eco Clean Use RootX for Tree-Root Removal

Root intrusion can be a serious headache for homeowners and businessowners. When plants and trees mature, their root systems expand to seek out moisture sources. The most consistent moisture source available for plants are in sewer and wastewater pipelines. Cracks and joints in the pipes are an easy point for roots to sneak into. Roots will begin growing around the top of the pipe and then spread. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, root intrusion is one of the leading destructive elements of wastewater collection systems.


At EcoClean we are particular with the products we choose to use. Our mission statement is simple: We take pride in being a team-oriented company that is true to our customers, communities, the environment, and ourselves. We choose to use RootX® to control invasive tree and plant roots because it is an environmentally friendly aquatic herbicide.


RootX® was patented as a root control formula in 1994. It was designed to remove pipeline roots without damaging the treatment systems at the wastewater treatment plants downstream. Other root control products created exposure issues and negative environmental impacts. RootX® was engineered to act fast and be a simple, cost-effective, solution for pipeline root control. RootX® also seals the insides of pipelines being treated, which prevents stubborn roots from re-entering. The roots are killed on contact and within an hour the root structure is destroyed too. This restores pipe flow capacity.


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